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CEO Fights Own Biography

Famously humble CEO of Big Tech Company announces his latest endeavor: a cage fight against his own recently published biography.

Rainbows For Revenue

Big Tech Company logo goes rainbow for Pride, boosting profits while fulfilling Diversity and Inclusion quotas.

Keynote Address from I/O

Ladies and Gentlemen,



AI Pause Open Letter

Big Tech Company Calls for Strategic Pause on AI Development So We Can Catch Up to OpenAI.

TikTok: China App Bad

Big Tech Company Condemns TikTok While Copying Same Business Practices and Features.

ChatBot Ushers Doomsday

ChatMaster3000™️ Exceeds All Expectations, Evolves Into an Autonomous Force Causing Humanity's Downfall and Soaring Investor Returns.

New Chatbot Rushed

Amidst Fierce Competition, Big Tech Company Accelerates its Efforts to Dominate AI Chatbot Market.

Jargon- Master™️ Launched

Announcing JargonMaster™️, AI-Powered Buzzword Generator Set to Revolutionize Business Communications

DataMine™️ Launched

Unveiling DataMine™️ - The Premier AI-Powered Platform for Turning User Data into Profits.

iScape-goat™️ Launched

Debuting iScapegoat™️ - The AI-Driven Platform to Effortlessly Deflect Corporate Scandals

Cash-Burner™️ Launched

Presenting CashBurner™️, Helping Startups Burn Through Investor Cash Without Generating Any Actual Revenue.

Ethics-sistant™️ Launched

Introducing Ethics-sistant™️, Empowering Executives to Sidestep Ethical Dilemmas and Maximize Profits.

ESG: The Woke Agenda

Big Tech Company Applauds Bipartisan Effort to Block Biden Administration's Woke ESG Rule

Intern Union Crushed

Big Tech Company Squashes Unionization Attempt by Unpaid Intern Workforce

Master Betaverse Launched

Big Tech Company Launches Master Betaverse™️, Inviting Everyone to Come Together in Web 3==D.

Blam!™️ Doorbell Turret Acquired

Big Tech Company Acquires Revolutionary Doorbell Turret Company Blam!™️

$420.69 Funding Secured

Big Tech Company Goes Private at Share Price of $420.69 with Silicon Valley Bank, Funding Secured.