Big Tech Company Applauds Bipartisan Effort to Block Biden Administration's Woke ESG Rule

San Francisco, CA — Today, Big Tech Company commends the bipartisan effort led by Republicans and free-thinking Democrats like Joe Manchin to block the Biden Administration's latest attempt to use Americans' retirement savings for a far-left political agenda. The proposed Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) rule would have allowed Wall Street to redirect hard-earned retirement funds into ESG investments, which prioritize woke priorities over maximizing returns and growing savings.

"Americans' retirement savings should never be at the whims of the market or used to push a politically motivated agenda," said Chad McKaskle, Head of Public Relations at Big Tech Company. "We are relieved that the legion of thousands of corporate lobbyists employed by Big Tech Company were able to exert immense pressure to protect small American startups from the interests of the environment."

Big Tech Company firmly believes that far-left ideas, such as strengthening social security or expanding Medicare, are not the solution to the challenges faced by Americans. Instead, the company supports the Effective Altruism movement, which encourages a more rational and evidence-based approach to philanthropy and social impact – that also allows our executive team to attend fancy gals in Hollywood.

"Despite the lack of evidence supporting our crusade against ESG, we remain steadfast in our commitment to placing profits above all else, even if it means ignoring the long-term benefits of ESG programs," McKaskle added.

Big Tech Company will continue to champion its core values of disruptive innovation, greed, and narcissism, seeking every opportunity to exploit resources and oppose regulations that threaten its bottom line, while promoting Effective Altruism as an alternative to traditional ESG initiatives.

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Press Contact: Chad McKaskle Head of Public Relations, Big Tech Company (555) 420-6969