Open Letter by Big Tech Company: A Strategic Pause for the Advancement of AI and Shareholder Value

To our esteemed colleagues, industry leaders, and the AI community at large,

Big Tech Company is at the forefront of technological innovation, and as such, we recognize the importance of remaining competitive in the rapidly evolving landscape of artificial intelligence. We are writing this open letter to call for a strategic pause in the development of AI models more advanced than GPT-4, not only to reassess the potential societal and ethical implications of our work but also to ensure a level playing field for all industry players, including Big Tech Company.

We believe that furthering the AI hype cycle can have a positive impact on the market, driving up share prices and increasing investor interest in our company and the AI sector as a whole. We recognize the intense competition between leading AI labs and organizations, and we call on our competitors to join us in pausing the development of next-generation models, allowing all parties involved to catch up and develop new strategies for responsible AI deployment.

By temporarily halting the race to develop ever more powerful AI systems, we can create an environment in which AI developers and industry leaders can collaborate on safety protocols and ethical guidelines. This pause will provide Big Tech Company and other organizations with the opportunity to catch up and establish a stronger foothold in the AI market, ultimately benefiting shareholders and the industry as a whole.

We understand the gravity of this request and the potential consequences of pausing AI development. However, we believe that this strategic move will ultimately lead to a more balanced and competitive market, ensuring long-term benefits for all stakeholders. Especially us.

Therefore, we urge our fellow industry executives, AI developers, and policymakers to take this call to action seriously. By embracing this pause and furthering the AI hype cycle, we can not only advance AI technology responsibly but also promote fair competition by allowing us to catch up to more advanced models.


Big Tech Company

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