China App Bad. American Companies Copying TikTok Features Good.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - Big Tech Company, a leader in the technology industry, today voiced serious concerns over TikTok, the popular Chinese-owned social media platform, for its alleged spying and content moderation issues. The company conveniently overlooks the fact that it, too, engages in many of the same questionable business practices that lead to real human harm.

Alec Foster, stated with a straight face, "We at Big Tech Company believe that the practices of the China app, TikTok, are unacceptable. As a company that has faced virtually identical challenges in the past, we feel we are uniquely qualified to criticize others."

While pointing out the spying allegations against TikTok, Foster acknowledged, in a very serious tone, the similar practices of his own company, saying, "Of course, Big Tech Company has had its share of issues, such as causing genocides and disrupting elections. But we're American, and that makes all the difference."

Foster went on to criticize TikTok's content moderation issues, saying, "TikTok has failed to manage its content responsibly. We are well aware that Big Tech Company has faced similar challenges, but we're focusing on the issues with TikTok today."

In his candid conclusion, Alec Foster acknowledged, "China app bad. Big Tech Company copying same features of TikTok good." He then openly addressed the rather hypocritical attitude that Big Tech Company and others in the tech industry have towards TikTok and foreign-owned platforms, admitting that TikTok's ban could ultimately benefit Big Tech Company, as they have been struggling to compete with the immensely popular app.

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