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Our game-changing AI-powered adtech harnesses the power of big data and the blockchain to change the world.

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The Big Tech software suite leverages paradigm-shifting ideas to aggressively grow the holistic worldview of disruptive innovation.


Make Lies Go Viral

EchoChamber™️ is an AI-powered social media platform that only shows you content that confirms your existing beliefs, optimizing for polarization and tribalism. The second-best social network for spreading disinformation and propaganda, after Facebook.

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AdSearch™️ Oops! All Ads

Advertiser-Friendly Search

With AdSearch™️, the first search engine consisting solely of ads, users can search for products promoted by advertisers – and nothing else. Our AI algorithms analyze users' search history, personal data, and microphone recordings to creepily microtarget ads. No more wasting money on ads that compete with "organic" search results.

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Scam Your Way to Riches

Our AI-powered blockchain platform makes it easy to execute the perfect rug pull and make a killing. Create your own fake cryptocurrency, attract investors with hype and fake testimonials, and then pull the rug out from under them.

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Civic Automation at Scale

VoteBot™️ is an AI-powered civic automation tool that will vote for you in every election. With VoteBot™️, you'll never have to waste time standing in line at the polls, researching candidates, or even leaving your house to cast your vote.

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Make Lies Go Viral

ThoughtPolice™️ is an AI-powered surveillance system that uses facial recognition technology and social media monitoring to detect and punish people who express "dangerous" or "subversive" thoughts or opinions.

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Proactively Crush Dissent

Baton™️ is an AI-powered military drone designed in partnership with Boston Dynamics that uses facial recognition and predictive analytics to identify potential rioters and looters congregating at "peaceful demonstrations", and suppress dissent before it can escalate.

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Loom™️ Nutrition

ARR-focused Health App

We designed a personalized nutrition service, but it was so effective that our users kept churning once they achieved their health goals. Now, Loom™️ gives users bad advice to purposefully prevent them from staying healthy, which 10x'd our customer lifetime value!

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Their Lives, Quantified

LifeScore™️ is an AI-powered scoring system that assigns a numerical value to your entire life, based on your behavior, social media activity, and other personal data, which can be used to determine your eligibility for all opportunities. LifeScore™️ is already being utilized by the dating app monopoly.

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TrustBot 3000™️

Search & Destroy for Trust & Safety Teams

Enable trust and safety at scale by proactively identifying problematic users through AI, before they even sign up for your service! That way, you can focus on deploying code while a pack of machine gun-firing Boston Dynamics™️ robots are deployed to flagged IP locations.

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Their Thoughts, Your Control

MindMeld™️ is an AI-powered brain implant that connects directly to users thoughts and emotions, allowing advertisers to influence their behavior and beliefs without their consent. Coming soon: MindMeld Dreamscape Ad Exchange.

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Aurora™️ Assistant

A More Human Assistant

Our virtual assistant, which we arbitrarily made female, was released before we had the technology ready in order to impress future investors. So for now, Aurora™️ is powered by low-paid human workers in developing countries forced to work in terrible conditions!

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Chime™️ Smart Home

Musical Security with Aurora™️

Our smart speaker & home security system allows you to enjoy your favorite tunes while we monitor and record every aspect of your private life. And the best part? We sell that data to third parties so you can help us maximize our profits.

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Highway to the Innovation Zone

Built with easy-of-use, not privacy, in mind.

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Disrupting the Status Quo

Our products suck up massive amounts of data and process it at lightning speed.

Changing the Game

We're disrupting innovation by cornering the market using an influx of investor cash.

Move Fast and Break Ethics

The techno-colonialist future starts here, whether you're ready or not.

Win with Pay-to-Win

We took what gamers love most – microtransactions – and infused them with NFTs.

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